Cannabis is legal in Maine and now there’s a museum about it |

Sep 6, 2022

A new cannabis museum in Portland aims to build an immersive exhibition that will focus on how prohibition of cannabis has affected the plant’s cultivation.

The nonprofit museum, called Core, is related to Portland’s newest adult-use cannabis dispensary, Seed. “We want the mission of the museum to reflect the internal make-up of the dispensary business,” the company’s founder and CEO, April Arrasate, told Mainebiz.

The museum is in leased space at 555 Congress St. and the dispensary is next door at 553 Congress St., both in Portland’s arts district.

Source: Cannabis is legal in Maine and now there’s a museum about it |

Now Showing in Portland: Our Inaugural Exhibition, Seed 2 Soul.

The Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum in Portland invites guests to engage with the insanity and inequity of American drug policy through a series of changing exhibits. For over a century, cannabis has been used as a weapon to divide people and cultures. Core aims to resist division by promoting cannabis as the inherent unifier that it is. We believe that a new generation that is unified rather than divided can reasonably consider the human relationship with substances to create coherent drug policy in America.