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Social Justice Cannabis Museum + Education Center

Core is pleased to be operating in a state which has recognized through legislation the disproportionate impacts of the drug war on certain minority communities. We embrace the opportunity to educate the public on the complex history associated with prohibition and our Social Justice Museum will recognize and memorialize that struggle.

To curate our museum exhibits and information, Core has formed a Curating Council made up of NY Times bestsellers, Harvard professors and legendary activists. Engage with our exhibits to experience the perspective and expertise of thought leaders in the areas of social justice and awareness in the emerging cannabis industry.

Jail Cell

Enter this replica Jail Cell to experience an immersive audio-visual exhibit highlighting the realities of the US policy of incarceration for cannabis possession and distribution. See and feel local and national examples of real individuals whose lives were derailed by the cycle of incarceration and drug offenses. Our first story is that of Jawara Tosh, whose sister Niambe Tosh is a member of our museum’s distinguished Curating Council. They are the youngest children of international reggae icon Peter Tosh and are local to the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.

Read Jawara’s story here.

illicit grow exhibit

Illicit Grow Exhibit

Want to know how cannabis has been grown for decades? Slide aside the false wall to see a typical “underground” grow. Then walk the wall to see the evolution of cultivation technology from prohibition to legalization. First, we will show a typical “underground” grow. Learn how the chemical make-up of the cannabis plant has been influenced by years of prohibition as well as the tremendous medical and social potential associated with legalization.
prohibition cartoon
cana meds
assassin of youth
reefer madness
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jazz men
hemp for victory
cannabis racism
war on drugs

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