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Boston, Massachusetts
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The Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum in Boston invites guests to engage with the insanity and inequity of American drug policy through a series of changing exhibits. For over a century, cannabis has been used as a weapon to divide people and cultures. Core aims to resist division by promoting cannabis as the inherent unifier that it is. We believe that a new generation that is unified rather than divided can reasonably consider the human relationship with substances to create coherent drug policy in America. If you’re looking for things to do in Boston, MA this Boston art museum is the best free museum in the city.

Current Exhibitions

American Warden

The current collection, American Warden, urges guests to scrutinize incarceration in America against the backdrop of cannabis prohibition. While many states have now legalized or decriminalized cannabis, the number of arrests for possession and distribution are still alarmingly high and Thousands of humans are currently incarcerated for cannabis related offenses. These facts are disturbingly juxtaposed against the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry that currently benefits industry giants as well as state and federal tax authorities.

The heart of the exhibition

The heart of the exhibition is the story of Jawara Tosh, youngest son of legendary reggae artist and founding member of the Wailers, Peter Tosh.

In a story so poetic it defies reality, his sister Niambe McIntosh recounts how Jawara lost his life to the inequitable system his father so urgently railed against in his music.

#LegalizeIt #EqualRights&Justice

“Let’s abolish stigma together”

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Cannfessional Exhibition

For too many years cannabis consumption has been demonized.  The Cannfessional is an interactive platform designed to normalize cannabis use by sharing the stories of regular people like you who commune with this remarkable plant.   Help us pull the “devil weed” out of the shadows and into the light!  Participants can engage in store through our immersive installation or online by clicking the button below.

recreational marijuana dispensary boston ma

Event Space

An event setting unlike any other in Boston!

CORE museum is the perfect place to host your special event, offers a unique and memorable venue for any event – including corporate events, staff/networking event, shower, fundraiser, team outing, birthday, reunion, weddings, retirement party or general gathering of friends


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